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Ruleset A | Ruleset B

We use two rulesets: A for our regular online events and B for our online serious events. Ruleset A is more casual, while Ruleset B is more serious.

New teams, most players, most coaches, and most staffers only need to know the summaries. The full rules are very long and detailed for good reason: we do not want any confusion about the rules during an event.

Ruleset Ruleset A Ruleset B
Equipment Needed Computer, Keyboard, Mouse, Internet Connection, Discord Everything in Ruleset A, plus a Webcam and buzzer.
How to Buzz Type “Buzz” in the chat and press enter. Mandatory use of an online buzzer platform.
Webcam Rules None. Player’s hands must be seen on the webcam at all times during gameplay.
How to Answer Preferably typed; via voice if you choose. Primarily by voice.
Correctness Guidelines Not a part of the rules; answers are accepted and rejected at the moderators’ discretion, subject to protest. Part of the official rules, and all the staffers are bound by them. Much less discretion.
Nature of the Tournament Casual Serious

We would like to give our sincerest thanks to National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC for allowing us to use their rules as a template. However, NAQT and the AQBL are entirely unaffiliated.

If you have any questions about the rules, email Rules interpretations are listed under Policies as well.

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