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No. 1: Policy On Pseudonymous Teams

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IT IS the Policy of the American Quizbowl League that

In order to permanently curtail pseudonym abuse, both real and potential, the AQBL has adopted the following guidelines for the regulation of pseudonymous teams. Therefore:

There are three types of teams:

  1. Official
  2. Unofficial
  3. Unaffiliated

Defined as:

  1. Official. A team that has direct sponsorship of their school or district; has a school employee as a coach or advisor; is listed and advertised by the school as an extracurricular activity; and must seek approval through some official channel if they wish to attend a tournament under normal circumstances. Liability for the team rests with the district unless explicitly waived.
  2. Unofficial. A team that has no school or district sponsorship; is entirely run by students without a coach; does not need to seek any permissions or approvals from the district; and does not exist in any legal manner. Liability for the team rests with the players. Critically, the school has no official team of any sort.
  3. Unaffiliated. A team that, despite an official organization existing in the school, is attending a tournament outside its auspices for any reason. Liability for the team is generally unclear.

With rules as follows:

  1. Official teams are free to sign up for tournaments without any additional regulation. Official teams may not use pseudonyms unless a special exception is granted by the Commissioner of the AQBL.
  2. Unofficial teams are free to sign up for tournaments without any additional regulation. Unofficial teams may use their school name or choose a pseudonym.
  3. Unaffiliated teams are subject to the additional regulations outlined below. Unaffiliated teams may use their school name or choose a pseudonym, though we recommend the use of a Pseudonym.
  4. Proposed Pseudonyms may be approved or rejected at the discretion of the AQBL. Pseudonyms:
    1. Must not match the name of any other school or pseudonymous team;
    2. May not contain profanity; foul, explicit, or otherwise objectionable words or phrases; or anything that would suggest such an intention;
    3. Shall be denoted in all instances in quotations (i.e. if Smithtown High School West wanted to attend as Nissequogue West, their team name would be listed as “Nissequogue West”).

The following regulations apply to unaffiliated teams:

  1. The official team must not play or plan to play any other tournament that uses the same question set as the tournament the unaffiliated team seeks to play.
  2. If the official team signs up for the tournament, the unaffiliated team’s registration will be null and void.
  3. Persons on the unaffiliated team who were banned from the official team, or otherwise prevented from participating in team activities, may participate at the discretion of the Commissioner of the AQBL. Any players subject to a ban must be openly stated, and the reasons for the ban given, by the captain of the unaffiliated team. As an example, if a player was ejected for “Harassing their teammates”, they will almost certainly not be allowed to play; but if a player was barred from playing for “Having a GPA that was .03 too low” or “Because underclassmen are not allowed on competition teams”, they are likely to be allowed to play.
  4. If any of these regulations are broken, or if a team or player dishonestly attempts to evade a ban, all offending players shall be subject to sanctions by the Commissioner of the AQBL unless they later appear as a player on an official team, up to and including a lifetime ban from AQBL events.

No. 2: Policy On Political Discussion In Servers

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IT IS the Policy of the American Quizbowl League that

In order to enforce rule 11.4.7,reading “Discussing politics of any sort or kind”:

  1. All political discussion is prohibited in all official AQBL servers.
  2. The determination of what constitutes political discussion is at the sole discretion of the tournament director and the administrators of the AQBL.
  3. Violations of this policy shall result in, at a minimum, a warning and the deletion of the offending content and, at most or for repeated violations, ejection from an event.

No. 3: Policy on Tiebreakers

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IT IS the Policy of the American Quizbowl League that

In order to break ties in rank in a consistent and fair manner, the AQBL has adopted a uniform standard as follows:

When possible, ties in rank shall be broken by the use of ten question tossup-only tiebreaker rounds.

When, in the determination of the tournament director, such a solution is impossible or impractical, ties in rank will be broken using these statistical methods, in the following order:

  1. Win-Loss record
  2. If the tournament is using bonuses, average points per bonus
  3. Average points per game
  4. Total number of powers
  5. Head-to-head result, if applicable
  6. Flip of a fair coin (the tournament director shall flip the coin in full view of the teams in question).