Become a Staffer

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The AQBL is always looking for new staffers to serve as game moderators, scorekeepers, or both in one of our many tournaments. Staffers are generally retained on a tournament-by-tournament basis and receive a small stipend.

Follow these three steps to become a great staffer:

1.) Learn the rules thoroughly.

Our tournaments use a unique rulebook that can be found here.

The most important differences between our rules and most others are that our rounds are untimed, consist of 20 tossups and, sometimes, three-part bonuses, and break ties by reading additional tossups until the first correct answer.

If you're looking to staff an online event, start by learning Ruleset A, which is used at almost all of our online events; once you get more experience, you can move on to Ruleset B, which we use at our National Championships.

If you're looking to staff an in-person event, you should learn Ruleset C.

When reading the rules, play close attention to the way protests are handled. There are factual and procedural types, and a good moderator will continue moving quickly through the game after a team declares its intent to lodge a protest. Make sure you understand how to determine, at the end of a game, whether protests need to be resolved at all, since in most cases they do not.

2.) Learn to keep score quickly and accurately.

Our tournaments use scoresheets using Google Sheets. It is important to familiarize yourself with the scoresheets to avoid being surprised the morning of a tournament. We designed them to be as straightforward as possible. The cumulative score of each team and the total number of powers, 10-point conversions, and negs of player are all calculated automatically.

3.) If you're staffing an online tournament, test the capacity of your technological equipment.

To be a staffer for an online tournament, you must have consistent access to the Internet. Make sure your microphone (whether built into your computer or externally connected) is functional and works properly with Discord, the communication platform we use to run tournaments. Make sure your speakers or headphones work properly. Know how to split your screen so that you can see the packet, scoresheet, and Discord text channel at once, saving time during a game by not having to switch back and forth.

If you are interested in staffing one of our tournaments, we would love to have you! Contact