About the AQBL

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The American Quizbowl League (AQBL) is the nation’s number one name in online quizbowl tournaments and the most prolific tournament director in the Northeast. We paved the way in hosting online events in response to the pandemic-driven cancellation of all in-person quizbowl events. Our experience and innovation in planning nationwide online tournaments gives us the skills to make every season a success.

The AQBL’s quizbowl tournaments are a true academic competition, and we have made it safe, accessible, and affordable for teams throughout the United States. We hope to see you soon!

Joe Feldman, AQBL Founder

The AQBL was founded as the Long Island Quiz Bowl Alliance in May 2019 in response to the cancellation of the last remaining quizbowl tournament in Suffolk County, New York. The Alliance created the Island Cup and held tournaments in October 2019 and February 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of all quizbowl events after March 2020. The Alliance took the then-novel step of moving its tournaments online, and added five additional events as the pandemic unfolded.

The Alliance reorganized in July 2020 into the American Quizbowl League to provide dozens of online quizbowl events nationwide and to crown a National Champion at the end of the season. The AQBL is now America’s number one name in online quizbowl, and, after a highly sucessful inaugural season, we are making the transition to in-person events as well!