About Outreach and the AQBL

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Outreach is the process of expanding quiz bowl by contacting potential quiz bowl teams and convincing them to try quiz bowl out. This helps create larger circuits for existing quiz bowl teams to play in and is a net positive for quiz bowl in general, as it expands the scope and diversity of the game.

Unfortunately, outreach is not a simple task to do. It requires lots of time to start, and then additional time is required to maintain contact with budding teams to help them grow. It is also not completely intuitive to start, so even starting outreach can seem daunting.

Here at the AQBL, we have made doing outreach one of our leading principles since our founding. We have tried to expand quiz bowl and get new teams to play so as to benefit all of quiz bowl. We’d love to help you start any outreach you may do, or continue any outreach you’ve already done. If you’re planning to run a tournament and would like to market to more teams in the area, we can also help with that. To apply for outreach help, fill out this form.