National Championships

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The American Quizbowl League is proud to announce the newest National Quizbowl Championship: the Online National Championship Tournament! The event will, tentatively, take place on Discord on Saturday and Sunday, June 26 and 27, 2021.

The tournament will be directed by Arjun Panickssery, President of the American Quizbowl League.

We are currently seeking staffers of all types to assist at the ONCT. If you are interested or have questions about staffing, please fill out this form with basic information and we will be in touch shortly!

Questions and Format

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The ONCT uses Difficult-level questions in the Preliminary rounds and National-level questions in the playoffs and finals, which are the hardest questions we use for any of our events. Questions will be held to a reasonable length.

We're not certain of the exact format yet, but every participating team is guaranteed 20 rounds of play over two days. Each game consists of 20 tossups and 20 three-part bonuses.

How to Qualify

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The winners of our events will qualify for the ONCT. For our September events, the top two teams in the Varsity division and the top team in the Novice/New School division of our events qualify. For our future events, we will make new qualification guidelines after our September contests. Whatever changes we make will be retroactive to September (for instance, if we decide that the top three teams in each division from future events now qualify, the top three teams from each division for our September events will qualify as well).

You can also qualify by placing in the top three of any competitive online tournament or league. We don't know about every tournament or league that's going on, so if you want to qualify in this way, you'll have to contact us directly.

Finally, you can apply for wildcard or standby status starting in February 2021.

Costs and Fees

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The flat fee for each team is $250, due either at the time of registration or, if paying by check or purchase order, two weeks prior to the event. $75 late fees will be assessed to any team registering less than two weeks prior to the event. An additional $100 late fee will be assessed to any team whose payment is not recieved two weeks prior to the event. A 3% surcharge will be assessed to Credit Card and PayPal payments.

Discounts are available for schools with a demonstrated need; contact us for details.


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The ONCT will use the American Quizbowl League's Ruleset B in addition to the standard eligibility guidelines. Since our regional events all use Ruleset A, there are some differences between the two, and teams should familiarize themselves with Ruleset B if they will be competing at the ONCT.

Most notably, all players must have a webcam on at all times, wihtout exception. The Scorekeeper must be able to see the player's hands at all times. See the rules for more details.

Note that we were set to require USB buzzers to be used at the ONCT. This is no longer a requirement; after additional testing, we found this was not necessary. Players can still optionally use one if they would like

Correctness guidelines are also far more strict in Ruleset B.

In short, Ruleset A makes the events much more casual, but Ruleset B is more appropriate for high-stakes tournaments like the ONCT.

Subject Distribution

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Each round at the ONCT contains 20 tossup questions with three-part unrelated bonuses. The precise distribution will be released as the tournament gets closer.


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Registration will open on January 1, 2021. Qualified teams will be informed at that time, and a link will be on this page.

Qualified Teams

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Team Team Team Team
Team Team Team Team
Phillips Exeter Academy Lambert High School The Hotchkiss School Choate Rosemary Hall
East Brunswick High School "WAMS" "Westminster Abbey" Hastings High School
Howard Middle School Vista del Lago High School Talented and Gifted Magnet School Detroit Country Day School A
Detroit Country Day School B Detroit Catholic Central High School The Kinkaid School Russellville High School
"Monticello" Columbia River High School Barrington High School Boulder High School

Current Field

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Registration is not yet open! When teams start to sign up, they will appear here.