National Championships

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The American Quizbowl League is proud to announce the second annual Online National Championship Tournament! The event will, tentatively, take place on Discord on Saturday and Sunday, June 25 and 26, 2022.

The tournament will be directed by Aalok Bhattacharya, the AQBL Tournament Coordinator.

We are currently seeking staffers of all types to assist at the ONCT. If you are interested or have questions about staffing, please fill out this form with basic information and we will be in touch shortly!

Questions and Format

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The ONCT uses a house-written set. The difficulty of the set is approximately between Difficult (Regs-Plus) and National level questions.

We're not certain of the exact format yet, but every participating team is guaranteed at least 10 rounds of play. Each game consists of 20 tossups and 20 three-part bonuses.

How to Qualify

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The top 20% of teams at our events will qualify for the ONCT. Any team that qualifies for the Northeast Regional Championship Tournament also qualifies for the ONCT.

Any team that had a win-loss record of 4-4 or better in the preliminary rounds of the 2022 NAQT HSNCT will qualify for the ONCT.

Finally, you can apply for wildcard or standby status starting in February 2021.

Costs and Fees

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The flat fee for each team is $350, due either at the time of registration or, if paying by check or purchase order, two weeks prior to the event. $75 late fees will be assessed to any team registering on or after June 15th. An additional $100 late fee will be assessed to any team whose payment is not received on or after June 26th. A 3% surcharge will be assessed to Credit Card payments.

Discounts are available for schools with a demonstrated need; contact us for details.


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The ONCT will use the American Quizbowl League's Ruleset B in addition to the standard eligibility guidelines. Since our regional events all use Ruleset A, there are some differences between the two, and teams should familiarize themselves with Ruleset B if they will be competing at the ONCT.

Most notably, all players must have a webcam on at all times, without exception. The Scorekeeper must be able to see the player's hands at all times. See the rules for more details.

Correctness guidelines are also far more strict in Ruleset B.

In short, Ruleset A makes the events much more casual, but Ruleset B is more appropriate for high-stakes tournaments like the ONCT.

Subject Distribution

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Tentatively, the distribution of the set will approximately be:
4 literature tossups and bonuses per packet
4 history tossups and bonuses per packet
4 science tossups and bonuses per packet
3.5 tossups and bonuses per packet of the categories Religion, Mythology, Philosophy, and the Social Sciences (RMPSS) per packet
3 fine arts tossups and bonuses per packet
1.5 geography, current events, and trash (pop culture) tossups and bonuses per packet

This distribution is not yet finalized. Changes may be made up to January 1, 2022.


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Registration will open on February 1, 2021. Qualified teams will be informed at that time, and a link will be on this page.

Qualified Teams

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As the season begins and teams qualify, they will appear below.

Current Field

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Registration is not yet open! When it is, registered teams will be listed below.